Google's Revamped Fitness App Turns Activity Tracking Into A Game

Google's Revamped Fitness App Turns Activity Tracking Into A Game

Google's Revamped Fitness App Turns Activity Tracking Into A Game

Google Fit is not a new feature in itself, but the company behind the health and fitness platform has made a decision to give it a pretty big update that also brings new features. This could be anything from earning points for picking up pace when walking your dog, to double-the points if you opt for more intense activities such a going for a run. In fact, the data shared from those apps will now contribute towards your Move Minutes and Heart Points. However, exercise isn't just about being mobile, so Google took some notes from the American Heart Association to create Heart Points, which reward you for elevating your heart rate, rather than just walking from the couch to the fridge.

The new Google Fit is centred around two simple activity goals based on AHA and WHO's activity recommendations shown to impact health. Your journal will show your activities, achievements and goal progress across all of your apps.

The new Google Fit showcases Google's new Material Theme UI with lots of white, the Google Sans font, a bottom navigation bar, etc.

The redesigned Google Fit should be available to select users later this week, and roll out to others who have a compatible smartwatch or smartphone in coming weeks.

Move Minutes is a stat that tracks how often you walk around, with the goal of encouraging people to move more and sit less.

That said, we've seen that the addition of tracking rings to the design is quite reminiscent of the interface that Apple employs on the Apple Watch. Before, Google Fit let you set any goal threshold for your activity, but with the redesign it is now more guided and is based on the U.S. government's physical activity guidelines. There's a daily goal for you to reach as well.

In a statement provided along with today's news, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted that "Digital technologies offer limitless possibilities to improve health, from personal fitness to building stronger health systems for entire countries".

The aim of adding new features is to make the app effective to get the users up and moving. If you're into a different type of exercise, you can choose other activities like gardening, pilates, rowing or spinning, and Google Fit will calculate the Heart Points and Move Minutes achieved during your workout.

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