Australian party leader fans outrage over 'final solution' speech

Australian party leader fans outrage over 'final solution' speech

Australian party leader fans outrage over 'final solution' speech

Queensland senator Fraser Anning has called for a direct vote of all the members of an electorate, declaring that a "final solution to the immigration problem" is needed for the good of Australia.

Fraser Anning said Australians should be allowed to decide whether "non-English speaking immigrants from the third world" and people of Muslim faith, are welcome.

The Katter's Australia Party senator is under fire from all sides of parliament for using the phrase, which has been historically associated with the World War II Nazi Germany plan to murder Jewish people.

"I'm a Muslim migrant, I'm about to be a Senator and there's not a damn thing Fraser Anning can do about it", she wrote in a piece for website Junkee on Wednesday.

Ms Faruqi said she was excited to bring "much needed diversity" to Canberra, and hoped her presence would encourage non-white Australians.

Dr Faruqi became the first Muslim woman elected to an Australian parliament in 2013 and will soon become the nation's first female Muslim senator.

"I could stand on Bondi Beach, serving sausage sangers in an Akubra, draped in an Australian flag with a southern cross tattoo and, for some, I still wouldn't be Australian enough", she wrote in the Junkee article.

When One Nation founder Pauline Hanson delivered her maiden speech in the '90s, she claimed that Australia was "in danger of being swamped by Asians". There are roughly 604,000 people of Muslim faith that make up 2,6 percent of the total population, according to government statistics.

But after that reactions were quick, and by Wednesday morning condemnation was raining down on Anning from nearly everywhere. "I say this as Prime Minister, whose most solemn responsibility is to keep Australians safe".

"You have to be pretty outrageous to be condemned by everybody in the Australian parliament, but Senator Anning has managed to do just this", he said.

The One Nation defector, now a member of Bob Katter's Australian Party, refused to apologise on Wednesday for suggesting Australia should ban Muslim arrivals, hold a popular plebiscite on the migration intake and return to White Australia Policy settings to favour "European Christian" values.

"That has nothing to do with "the final solution", the thought police got onto that".

"Absolutely, 1000%, I support everything he said", Katter told reporters during a news conference in the northern city of Cairns Wednesday.

Responding to Anning's comments in a speech to the Lower House, Shadow Multicultural Minister Tony Burke called the words "bile".

A visibly-shaken Derryn Hinch said it was "one of the most disgraceful, racist, homophobic, divisive, misogynist, spiteful, hateful speeches I've ever heard", and made him feel like he was "trapped in a Ku Klux Klan rally".

Senator Anning also doubled down on his bid to ban Muslim immigration.

"Unfortunately, if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poison you're not going to try any of them. We reject and condemn racism in any form", he said on Twitter. "He wouldn't know what any of this means, nor I think would he be spending time finding out".

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