Star Wars Movies Won't Hit Disney Streaming Right Away

Star Wars Movies Won't Hit Disney Streaming Right Away

Star Wars Movies Won't Hit Disney Streaming Right Away

Disney executive Ricky Strauss has been given creative oversight over the company's future streaming service that has been nicknamed "Disneyflix".

The first live-action Star Wars series, little is known about Favreau's project. Also, tv show spinoffs for Lady and The Tramp, Monsters Inc.

The majority of the 30-minute Q&A session was about Disney's new streaming service which is set to compete with Netflix.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger announced the release date - which is almost 40 years to the day that Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters in 1977 - at a shareholder meeting Thursday. And if that's the case, then Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther will also be on the streaming service through all of 2019 as well. It is on the verge of gaining new film, television and worldwide properties in a $71 billion purchase of assets from Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (FOXA.O). The lower price point reflects Disney's strategic decision to offer less overall content than its red-lettered competitor, although, unlike Netflix, all the content appearing on the new service will carry Disney's in-house development DNA.

Disney will eventually get the rights back for the Star Wars movies, and they really won't even need them right away. This implies as more movies and TV shows join the service, the price will go up.

Earlier today saw Disney CEO Bob Iger take part in a quarterly earnings call where he discussed the X-Men and Fantastic Four at Marvel. People around Hollywood are calling it DisneyFlix, but that's not official.

Iger told analysts in the Q&A session following the results announcement that Disney would "walk before we run" in terms of building content for the service and added that the Disney OTT offering would "not have anything close to the volume that Netflix has".

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It wasn't too many years ago when Disney said there was nothing to worry from companies like Netflix and that they'd continue to focus on their broadcast and cable deals.

There's no way Disney's streaming service won't experience a few hiccups upon launch, but as long as it has the company's biggest blockbuster titles on there, subscribers will flock to it. Can they make it work?

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