Republicans Spent Big to Win a Special Election. Now They're anxious

Republicans Spent Big to Win a Special Election. Now They're anxious

Republicans Spent Big to Win a Special Election. Now They're anxious

The results help determine the political landscape - and Mr Trump's standing within his own party - just three months before the mid-term elections in which the Republicans are defending their House and Senate majorities across the nation.

Trump took the district with 53 percent of the vote in 2016, just one-point below Mitt Romney's performance there in 2012. The Republican campaign arm and its allied super PAC were forced to pick up the slack, spending more than $4 million between them.

But Democrats - buoyed by enthusiasm ever since the 2016 presidential election - have consistently overperformed in other special elections, and notched upset victories in a Pennsylvania House race in March and in the Alabama Senate race a year ago.

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While Democrats will be disappointed that were not able to claim an outright victory, the tight margin will still be a reason for optimism.

President Donald Trump's preferred congressional candidate - and his chief legislative achievement - are about to be tested in battleground OH in the season's final high-stakes special election.

But Democrats believe momentum from this spring's protests over education funding against Republicans who control the state government could make the state surprisingly competitive this fall.

The national mood wasn't the only impediment for Balderson.

The narrow margin will be little comfort for Republicans anxious about the prospect of a Democratic wave heading into the November 6 elections, and it is certain to encourage Democrats who performed dramatically better than expected in a district Republicans have represented since the early 1980s. Even in voter interactions, Balderson left much to be desired.

The polling place for Saline County Precinct 29.

Also in the race: Native American attorney Sharice Davids and former school teacher Tom Niermann.

Balderson, for his part, was hardly a top-notch campaigner.

The central OH race was the marquee contest on a day when four other states held nominating contests, including a battle for governor in MI in which a mainstream candidate beat a progressive, and a high-profile conservative challenge to the incumbent Republican governor in Kansas.

Balderson had both Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a strong Trump critic, and the president behind him. Those mild criticisms were sufficient to earn him a belated endorsement from Kasich. "We are in a tie ballgame, and you made this possible", he told supporters. Franklin County makes up roughly a third of the district.

The five-way Democratic primary featured labor lawyer Brent Welder, who campaigned recently with self-described democratic socialists Vermont Sen.

O'Connor has dominated Balderson on the local airwaves. However, he suffered one setback when he said he would support Pelosi over a Republican in a television interview.

"Josh Hawley has established himself as a conservative champion for Missouri families, and we have no doubt he will beat Claire McCaskill this November", said Chris Hansen, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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