Michael Steele: Trump’s LeBron Tweet ‘Is Nothing Short of Racist’

Michael Steele: Trump’s LeBron Tweet ‘Is Nothing Short of Racist’

Michael Steele: Trump’s LeBron Tweet ‘Is Nothing Short of Racist’

Lemon was responding to a tweet from the president that called the CNN anchor "the most dumbest man on TV" and ripped into LeBron James simultaneously.

The president's "I like Mike!" comment was an apparent reference to the perennial sports debate over whether six-time National Basketball Association champion Michael Jordan, or James, a four-time league most valuable player, was the NBA's all-time best player.

His comment sparked huge reaction from James' supporters - but the most surprising came from First Lady Melania Trump, whose communications director issued a statement that appeared to break ranks with the president.

Noah has called out the president for having "a lot of time on his thumbs" and pointed out social media arguments with U.S. Senator Maxine Waters, Florida politician Frederica Wilson, CNN host Don Lemon and National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James.

Sports stars rally Elsewhere, Trump's former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton backed James as a "great family man" and "incredible ballplayer" who "gives back to his community, and isn't afraid to speak his mind".

Only a couple more sleeps until we find out.

U.S. president takes personal jab at basketball star LeBron James, drawing criticism online.

On Saturday, in the latest show of independence from the East Wing, her spokeswoman issued a statement that effectively distanced herself from her husband's remarks, even saying she would be open to visiting the school James opened.

To his list of evidence, Lemon added Trump's past embrace of a conspiracy theory that Barack Obama, "America's first black president", was born in Kenya and faked his USA citizenship.

"This has now turned into something completely ridiculous - we're unable to have a conversation, so I'm just going to go to the next segment, OK?" the Fox News host said. "LeBron just pledged millions for a school for underprivileged kids". "Most of America, anyway, not all of America".

"And then once he became President of the United States, and you have to hold his feet to the fire, all of a sudden he doesn't like what I'm doing", Lemon said.

"I know the streets they walk". Trump lashed out on Twitter at both men, insulting their intelligence.

"I would never sit across from him", the four-time MVP replied, before adding: "I'd sit across from Barack [Obama], though".

James appeared to ignore the chaos surrounding him on Saturday, and focused on his new school.

"So once again, President Trump is feuding with a famous black person who dared to criticize him and now it has gotten all this attention, which makes me wonder..."

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