Trump shoots at LeBron

The school is a joint project between the LeBron James Family Foundation and the 3-time NBA Champion's I Promise Network.

James relied on his bike to get him to and from school and practice. The school's board will oversee the curriculum development.

The former Cavs star missed 83 days of school in the fourth grade because his family did not have a vehicle. According to, each day students will have some form of social-emotional learning and will be encouraged to participate in a "supportive circle" after lunch, which is meant to help students regain focus to do quality work in the afternoons. And I've said this before, what he's accomplished in the National Basketball Association is probably the greatest-not just the National Basketball Association. "There were just a lot of empty days, empty nights and just kind of a no-future thought process". "I know the streets that they walk".

We want to create an environment of family.

USA Today reports the school will have 12 teachers and each classroom will hold 20 students.

The 33-year-old described how both athletics and education were high priorities for the young students at his new school when he mentioned the current climate in the US.

James received massive publicity after as it was revealed that his academy provides free tuition, food, and transportation for the less fortunate kids of Akron, to go along with perks that are beneficial to their parents as well. James also matter-of-factly stated to Lemon that he would never sit across from Trump, but definitely would sit around with former President Barack Obama.

James described Trump as a "bum" following the furor. James, however, felt that based on the needs of the community, expanding to a 1st - 8th grade academic institution would benefit low-income and at-risk students in his hometown the most. James carefully dodged the question, but when asked what he would say if someone told him, "If you don't run, Trump's going to win", James responded with, "Well, in that case, I may [run]", James said.

The public elementary school has enrolled 240 kids upon opening.

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