Remains of fallen USA troops leave S. Korea

Remains of fallen USA troops leave S. Korea

Remains of fallen USA troops leave S. Korea

"Generally speaking, what I can tell you is that the remains are consistent with the remains we have recovered in North Korea", said U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency analyst John Byrd, as quoted by The Post.

In late July, Pyongyang handed over the remains of dozens of U.S. soldiers who died during in the 1950-1953 Korean War.

"Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the case that" the person identified in the dog tag will be among the remains but they're hopeful, he said.

Vice President Mike Pence took part in the Honorable Carry Ceremony on Wednesday where the remains were delivered in Hawaii.

The White House said it did not comment on intelligence, Reuters reported, while a senior official at South Korea's presidential office said US and South Korean intelligence agencies are closely looking into various North Korean movements.

"We don't know who will come off these planes today".

"We look forward to potentially pursuing (remains recovery) operations in North Korea in the future and we're very hopeful".

"They seem to have figured out the engines, but not all the higher-tech stuff, and that might be what this is about", the official said.
After the president met Kim, Trump declared on Twitter: "There is no longer a Nuclear threat from North Korea".

More than 7,700 USA troops who fought in the Korean war remain unaccounted for.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said last week that the US did not know whose remains were actually in the returned caskets.

Trump's conciliatory tone stands in stark contrast to his rhetoric just previous year, when he referred to the North Korean leader as a "little rocket man" in response to Pyongyang's recent ballistic missile tests.

The remains are from the Korean War, a brutal three-year conflict that went on from 1950 to 1953 and drew the borders of modern-day North and South Korea.

"What's more, a liquid-fueled ICBM doesn't pose nearly the threat that a solid-fueled one would because they take so long to fuel, and that's something we almost certainly could see in time to abort a launch, given our assets in the vicinity".

Kim pledged to embark on a path to denuclearisation following a historical meeting with US President Donald Trump during a summit in Singapore in June 2018.

There are 9,569 United Nations Command personnel who remain unaccounted for from the Korean War, including 7,699 Americans.

"We remain concerned about the scale of North Korea's illicit procurement, in particular of refined petroleum products via United Nations -prohibited ship-to-ship transfers", the official said.

The pledge to return the remains of United States soldiers was made during a landmark summit between the leaders in June in Singapore, where North Korea committed to work towards the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. But it's also a drop in the bucket compared to how many fallen US soldiers are still in North Korea.

There are no further details about the military dog-tag handed over when a USA military aircraft flew to Kalma Airport, near the North Korean city of Wonsan, on Friday.

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