Injured After Aeromexico Flight Crashes Following Takeoff

Injured After Aeromexico Flight Crashes Following Takeoff

Injured After Aeromexico Flight Crashes Following Takeoff

The plane had barely taken off when it felt like it was hit by a strong air current, another passenger told network Televisa.

The federal government earlier said 101 people were on the plane, 97 passengers and four crew members.

Gov. Jose Aispuro, who had initially reported there were no deaths but later said authorities were searching the charred Embraer 190 to make sure, announced late Tuesday that "no person has died".

Approximately 85 people had been injured during the crash, with 37 of those hospitalised. The office published photos of a smoking but seemingly relatively intact plane lying on its belly in a field. "It fell farther ahead where the paved runway ends and that caused the fire that seriously damaged the plane", Aispuro said.

A health official said some survivors were burned up to a quarter of their bodies. The plane skidded into a field horizontally, which allowed for the escape slides to be activated, freeing the passengers and crew before they caught on fire, the governor told the AP.

He later tweeted: "It is confirmed that there were no deaths in the accident of flight #AM2431".

Governor Aispuro said witnesses told him there was a "bang", before the nearly full Embraer 190 fell to the ground without warning at around 16:00 local time (21:00 GMT).

"Many managed to leave the plane on foot", Civil defense spokesperson Alejandro Cardoza was quoted by the BBC as saying.

After an Aeromexico airliner crashed in the capital of Mexico's Durango state moments after its takeoff, investigators went sifting through its wreckage on Wednesday (Aug 1) and located the plane's flight recorders which may contain clues to what caused its crash.

Global rules dictate that Mexico will lead the crash investigation, with help from Brazil - where the Embraer jet was built - and the U.S., where its engines were made.

Ramin Parsa, 32, was aboard the flight from Durango, Mexico to Mexico City when it crashed shortly after takeoff from General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, authorities said. Some of the passengers were able to get off the plane and walk to a nearby highway for help, officials said.

Emergency crews are on site of a plane crash near Durango, Mexico, about 600 miles west of Laredo, Texas.

Firefighters have been working at the scene, a field near the airport, following the dramatic incident.

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