Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

We'd expect 4K video, but interestingly the drone looks like it will also transmit live 1080p video at a distance up to 8km. The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom will be the standard model, but it will have a 2x optical zoom lens on board.

DJI's hotly anticipated Mavic 2 Pro has been confirmed after United Kingdom retailer Argos published a print catalogue with the unannounced video drone listed for sale. So far, DJI has not made any official statement about it, but it helps having an idea of what will Mavic 2 be able to do when it appears and if it's worth saving money for or not. How a major retailer could inadvertently publish an ad before an official launch is unclear - either Argos mistakenly jumped the gun or DJI failed to inform the store of the cancellation of the launch event.

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones tested the original Mavic Pro with film-maker Philip Bloom in 2016.

Beyond that we now know that the cameras will include a 360-degree collision awareness system as well as a speedy 45mph top speed. It will turn the sky into your creative canvas.

DJI Mavic 2 drone leak confirms Pro and Zoom models
Leaked DJI Mavic 2 advert confirms Pro and Zoom models

However, the technical details listed below the image don't match up with the Argos ad, which clearly states the flight time as 31 minutes and not the 21 minutes mentioned on the German DJI website. DJI hasn't talked about the drone at all, and a launch event originally scheduled for July 18 - which many thought was for the Mavic 2 - was cancelled. Omnidirectional obstacle sensing with APAS and Active Track 2.0 give you the confidence to take to the sky and capture your moment. While there's no mention of recording capabilities we can not imagine anything less than 4K.

The follow-up to DJI's flagship Mavic drone has been a bit of an open secret recently, but it seems the early release of an advertisement has revealed the last remaining details. Once we get local pricing and available info we'll be sure to let you know.

The firm did schedule an event for this month, but postponed it.

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