Harley Davidson plans smaller bike with eye on India

Harley Davidson plans smaller bike with eye on India

Harley Davidson plans smaller bike with eye on India

Harley-Davidson today said it plans to develop a 200-500cc motorcycle through a strategic alliance in Asia which will be used to primarily fuel its growth in India.

FBN's Susan Li on Harley-Davidson unveiling its electric bike "Livewire" for release in 2019. Harley-Davidson's President and CEO Matt Levatich has stated that he is pushing hard to reverse the company's state of affairs, and defended the decision to shift production elsewhere from USA due to increased European Union tariffs - fuelled by Donald Trump's domestic enforcements.

Harley wants to woo younger buyers, particularly in fast-growing Asian markets including China and India, with nimbler motorcycles that have smaller engines.

Premium bike maker Harley Davidson on Monday announced its plans to rollout lighter motorcyles, expansion of all retail channels and operating investments to the tune of United States dollars 550 million by 2022.

The Pan America 1250 is joined by 1,250 cc Custom as well as a 975 cc Streetfighter. And with sales rising in Asia and India, it said it's developing smaller bikes with 250 to 500 cubic-centimeter engines to make them more accessible in those regions.

Harley Davidson has announced that it will be launching a new adventure motorcycle, the Pan America, in 2020.

Harley also plans to introduce new products to its portfolio starting in 2020, including a modular 500cc to 1250cc middleweight platform of motorcycles, in addition to improving its Touring and Cruiser bikes. What adventure or dual-sport motorcycles would you like to see from Harley-Davidson?

In a slideshow released by the company, it describes how moving into EV technology will keep them competitive as they reposition the brand to embrace the opportunities presented by a market gradually making the shift to zero emissions vehicles.

Industry experts have said electric motorcycles - that have no gears or clutch and are a far cry from Harley's loud, bulky cruising bikes - may not appeal to loyal Harley fans. "We're only doing that because these are important growth markets for the company that without those investments we wouldn't have access to those customers, at any kind of reasonable price". "We've worked very hard to be apolitical in how we approach our business and our consumers, everywhere in the world", he said.

It also plans to add "lighter, smaller and more accessible products" through 2022 in its electric motorcycles portfolio.

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