Netflix Adds Smart Downloads Feature To Android App

Netflix Adds Smart Downloads Feature To Android App

Netflix Adds Smart Downloads Feature To Android App

With Smart Downloads, the Netflix app will detect when a user has watched an episode, then remove it from the device and automatically add the next episode.

This works even if you have more than one episode downloaded, as well.

After making it possible for subscribers to download content in 2016, Netflix is making its download feature "smarter" and more binge-friendly.

Smart downloads will only queue up shows you've already downloaded in the past - it won't randomly download a suggested show, thankfully - and the automatic deletion of old episodes will free up space on your device. It also doesn't yet work with movies as Netflix isn't smart enough to figure out which flick you want to watch next (although logically, it could be employed on a limited basis for films with sequels).

Users can activate Smart Downloads in Menu- App Settings- Downloads section of the Android and iOS app which have received the latest update.

Select Smart Downloads appearing on the top.

Whether Smart Downloads is something that you will like depends largely on your watching habits. Said Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.

Existing offline download support involves the user manually downloading the content they want, watching it, then manually erasing it once finished.

That feeling of euphoria when you watch episodes of your favorite show can quickly fade when you sit through the intro, time after time. By automatically downloading the next episode and deleting the previous one, the feature ensures that the user's storage isn't affected, while automating the process of downloading TV show episodes. Here, use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads off.

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