Israel Patriot missile intercepts drone from Syria: army

Israel Patriot missile intercepts drone from Syria: army

Israel Patriot missile intercepts drone from Syria: army

In a reminder of the volatile situation, Netanyahu pointed at an incident earlier Wednesday in which the Israeli military fired a Patriot missile to shoot down a drone that had infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria.

If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is thinking of striking a deal with Russian Federation regarding the future of Syria, he'd better think again, cautioned a senior USA senator.

Netanyahu travelled to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with President Vladimir Putin, who in the past has turned a blind eye to Israeli strikes on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria while making clear Russian Federation does not want Assad's rule endangered.

Syrian military air defenses have repelled an Israeli attack on the country's Quneitra province, Syrian state media report.

The IDF spokesman confirmed that a Syrian UAV was intercepted by a Patriot missile.

He added that "in light of the recent US-British-French aggression against Syria, Moscow is ready to review its position".

Israel is particularly anxious about the presence of Damascus ally Iran next door in Syria.

Lieberman has also stepped up rhetoric against the Syrian military warning them not to enter a buffer zone in the Syrian Golan Heights established after a 1973 war with Israel.

But diplomats on both sides say Russian Federation has made clear that it would oppose any Israeli action endangering Assad's rule.

Israel will not dismiss the possibility of future relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday. The interception set off air raid sirens on the Golan and nearby Jordanian border. He said a stray drone was "not common". The plateau is not recognised internationally as Israeli territory.

The agency said that Syrian forces "hit one of the attacking warplanes and forced the others to leave the airspaces (sic)".

Under Assad family rule, Syria held direct negotiations with Israel in the United States in 2000 and indirect talks mediated by Turkey in 2008, discussions predicated on a full or partial return of the Golan.

Michael Harari, a paediatrician at Ziv hospital, said medical infrastructure in southwest Syria has largely broken down, and groups of Syrian children are brought to the facility every two to three weeks.

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