One awesome photo with Trump and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders says it all

One awesome photo with Trump and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders says it all

One awesome photo with Trump and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders says it all

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg later told reporters that Trump had used "very direct language" but that all NATO allies were agreed that the cost of defence spending must be spread around and that previous year had seen the biggest increase in a generation.

"Trump at NATO Summit: It's not just bad, it's a catastrophe", the influential Sueddeutsche Zeitung headlined its story online.

The suggestion was made behind closed doors at a gathering that's shaping up into a fight on several fronts, with Trump accusing Germany of being a "captive" to Russian Federation over its support for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

But Trump's increasingly vitriolic tone on those issues, plus his criticism of Merkel's migration policies and his decisions to pull out of agreements dear to Germany like the deal meant to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and the Paris climate accord, have many questioning what comes next.

Democratic leaders attacked President Donald Trump as signifying he is "more loyal" to Russian President Vladimir Putin than he is to the United States' NATO allies after Trump launched his latest attacks on USA partners. So we're supposed to protect you against Russian Federation but they're paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation and I think that's very in inappropriate.

Germany's energy relationship with Russian Federation has long frustrated Washington and Eastern Europe, who fear that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that bypasses the Baltic nations and Poland could be used to cut them off from crucial energy supplies.

While nobody on either side expects big breakthroughs, including on USA sanctions, the summit is seen by Moscow as US recognition of Russia's status as a great power and an overdue US realization that its interests must be taken into account. "So, I think that's inappropriate also".

World leaders are now gathered in Brussels, Belgium for the 2018 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, and after last month's rocky G7 summit, there are no shortage of tensions to be resolved.

Kerry responded with a lengthy statement Wednesday, calling Trump's missives against United States allies "disgraceful" and "destructive".

While Trump went after Germany for its ties to Russian Federation, he himself has been accused by critics of being too eager to improve relations with Moscow.

In a bid to avoid a row, Stoltenberg replied: "Nato is an alliance of 29 nations and there are sometimes differences..."

"I don't understand why Germany would be so in favor of supporting that particular supply source instead of diversifying", said Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Mrs Merkel offered a stern rebuke to the US President, harking back to her past after growing up in Soviet-controlled former religion of East Germany. "How can you be stronger when a country is getting energy from the person you want to protect against?"

His comments come only hours before he's due to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel on the side lines of the summit in Brussels. "He diminishes alliances we built to safeguard an economic and strategic force that has allowed millions of people to live in freedom", Kerry continued.

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