Americans in UK warned to keep 'low profile' during Trump visit

Americans in UK warned to keep 'low profile' during Trump visit

Americans in UK warned to keep 'low profile' during Trump visit

Friday will see a meeting between Mr Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May, as they will visit a defence site.

Trump arrives in Britain on Thursday after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit and thousands of protesters are expected to join demonstrations during his visit, including plans to fly a blimp over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby.

The blimp will fly over the British capital for two hours next Friday morning, during Trump's visit with Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Other than street marches, they include the flying a massive balloon of Trump as an angry baby from Westminster Gardens near Big Ben.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a frequent Trump critic, gave his approval for the balloon to be floated, with a spokesperson saying last week that the mayor "supports the right to peaceful protest and understand that this can take many different forms".

These had already begun in Scotland on Wednesday, with activists from an anti-racism group staging a brief demonstration at Trump's Turnberry course in South Ayrshire.

"It's typical, but honestly Donald Trump's legacy will outlive any big orange balloon and the matters that will be discussed at Chequers and now in Brussels are much more important and will have a much longer effect than any day rally", she said.

Organizers of anti-Trump rallies say they are not expecting any trouble at all - and that it would be very unlikely for any hostility to be directed at ordinary Americans. "You are our friends and we will be proud to march with you". We greatly respect America as a generous place built up by immigrants over the years.

Britain and the United States again showed their solidarity on defence and security in April, when May risked the wrath of a sceptical parliament by joining a US -led bombing campaign against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, after they agreed Assad was behind a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma.

The US Embassy in London has issued an advisory note for US citizens living or visiting the United Kingdom to keep a "low profile", ahead of President Trump's visit.

Trump has been quick to criticize British society, telling an NRA convention in May that the British didn't have guns but had so much knife crime that one hospital was like a military war zone with its floors awash with blood - a statement quickly rebutted by British physicians and politicians.

Britain's lawmakers debate a proposal to ban Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, from Britain. That led roughly half a million people to sign a petition calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK.

Following the departure of senior figures, including foreign minister Boris Johnson and Brexit minister David Davis, the political atmosphere is febrile.

On the same day, protests against his visit have been planned outside US Ambassador's residence in Regent's Park where President Trump is reported to be staying overnight.

Trump will be holding talks at that time with May at Chequers, the 16th-century manor house outside London that serves as her official country retreat.

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