Jeremy Hunt named UK's new foreign minister to replace Johnson

Jeremy Hunt named UK's new foreign minister to replace Johnson

Jeremy Hunt named UK's new foreign minister to replace Johnson

British foreign minister Boris Johnson resigned on Monday, following former-Brexit minister David Davis out of the cabinet just days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured a hard-won agreement from senior ministers on an European Union exit strategy.

Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May has sought to curb the growing turmoil around her leadership with the appointment of United Kingdom health secretary Jeremy Hunt as the new foreign secretary to replace Boris Johnson.

European Commission President said the decisions of Messrs Davis and Johnson had confirmed a unity previously not found in the Prime Minister's divided Cabinet.

Davis told May in a letter that the government's proposals for close trade and customs ties "will leave us in at best a weak negotiating position, and possibly an inescapable one".

"We're a hugely important country in the world still and we should have been making much more of that".

Speaking on LBC radio, he said: "I had resigned because this was central to my job and if we continue with this policy and I was still there, I'd have to present it in the House of Commons".

"The government now has a song to sing", he said.

Their resignation prompted a mini-reshuffle, with former health secretary Jeremy Hunt stepping into Mr Johnson's shoes and former housing minister Dominic Raab taking over from Mr Davis.

Jeremy Wright, the Attorney General, will replace Hancock, and backbencher Geoffrey Cox will take over his role.

The departure of the two Cabinet "big beasts" came just two days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured senior ministers' agreement at Chequers for a Brexit plan about which both men had expressed reservations. That plan is now in tatters and her political future appears uncertain.

But she said: "We do not agree about the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honour the result of the referendum".

Brexit minister Steve Baker and unpaid parliamentary aides Conor Burns and Chris Green also resigned.

And she was given a reprieve tonight with news she will not face an immediate vote of no confidence.

The ex-Foreign Secretary left the foreign secretary's official residence at Carlton Gardens, central London, late in the evening, accompanied by his wife Marina Wheeler, and without speaking to waiting reporters.

The news has sparked speculation of a potential leadership challenge, and the threat of another general election.

May replaced Davis with Dominic Raab, a strong Brexit supporter.

"Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain", said Mr Tusk. May's decision to brief Labour lawmakers on her Brexit plan, an apparent effort to try to count on opposition votes if her own side lets her down, has infuriated euroskeptic Tories.

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