It’s coming home: "Three Lions" back in United Kingdom charts amid…

It’s coming home:

It’s coming home: "Three Lions" back in United Kingdom charts amid…

The song shot up 32 places after England's win against Sweden on 7 July.

"It's coming home" has been the battle cry of England and their fans in this 2018 World Cup.

Talk about spreading the England cheer on the other side of the pond!

But hey, you can still have some fun with misinformation, such as showing a bunch of English lads how to sing "Three Lions" in Irish.

"Let's go further, to belief".

Now, with England surprising everyone by making it all the way to the semi-finals of the World Cup 2018, the Internet has been busy mashing musical scenes from movies and TV shows with the tune.

Their ability to win aerial battles, winning 58.7% of their aerial duels - only second to Russian Federation - has seen them strike fear into opposition defences.

England football man gets tattoo on his bum.

Admittedly, it isn't the hardest quiz for the most part.

This time, England are going The Full Monty...


Meanwhile, it's been a good week for the inescapable "Three Lions" song, even if it has been ruined forever for those of us who appreciated its charm up until now.

The difference this year is not down to personnel but the lifted weight from the squad's shoulders as they now enter the semi-finals already exceeding expectations on how their tournament was predicted to have panned out.

The song's lyrics include lines like "England's gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away", "but all those oh, so nears wear you down through the years", and "thirty years of hurt".

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