‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool

‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool

‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool

It was not immediately clear whether Sonoco fired Bloom or if he resigned. He worked as a Value Realization Leader and Business Development Manager. He did not. On Thursday afternoon the Glenridge Homeowners Association issued an apology and announced that Bloom had resigned his position as the pool's chairman and board member.

In an interview with NBC News on Friday, Bloom repeatedly apologized. It has also apologised to Abhulimen and her family for the treatment of its employee.

Jasmine Abhulimen recorded the incident on her cell phone and it has received national and global attention. But he added that he was "not surprised by social media's desire to only get part of the story".

Racial profiling at its worst!

"I think the situation is unfortunate that conclusions are being reached by people who have seen a 46-second video of their interaction", Vermitsky said.

Bloom described his leaving Sonoco as a "mutual separation".

In the video, Bloom tries to justify his actions, saying he often asks residents for their ID.

The white man who acted a plum fool with a Black woman swimming in her own community pool has lost his job.

"We'd be happy to have her here if she would just show some identification", Bloom tells the dispatcher of Abhulimen.

The responding officers determined Abhulimen and her son live in the neighborhood and had a pool access card.

"If she has a card to get in the pool, I believe that should be enough", an officer said.

The incident has garnered national attention.

Bloom also called the police. "My own pool?" she asked, showing a sign of the pool rules. Then he called the police. A few hours later, she posted the video on her Facebook account and it went viral. At one point, Edwards pointed out that the entrance has to be unlocked with a pool card and that the only other way she saw to enter was to jump over the fence.

On Facebook, Abhulimen accused Bloom of racial profiling: "This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool".

Bloom responds that "they kind of make their way around sometimes. but that's good enough for me today".

When the woman asks Adam to apologize, he tells her that providing her address "would be fine". Another board member first asked Abhulimen her address because she didn't recognize her. Abhulimen, however, gave an address on a street where homes weren't yet built, confusing the board member, Vermitsky said.

Edwards' ordeal is the latest in a series of incidents which have seen African Americans unfairly singled out by white neighbors. "This guy is in a very hard situation, and it's all because of a very misleading video".

Vermitsky said Friday that Bloom had to leave his North Carolina house after receiving death threats.

A statement from Bloom's attorney states, "When violations of these regulations occur, it is Mr. Bloom's job to either address and correct the violation or remove the member from the pool".

Jasmine Edwards filmed the freaky incident at a private pool in Winston-Salem.

Edwards has not posted on Facebook since she published the video.

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