LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

LeBron James To Lakers Might Speed Up Hawks Rebuild

Shortly after the Lakers signed LeBron James to a four-year max contract, the Lake Show made a few head-scratching moves: re-signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for $12 million, and adding polarizing locker room presences Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale McGee.

Much like Los Angeles, Cleveland is also on the verge of a new era but if the wind of expectation has swept through California, the chilly gust of trepidation is slowly settling in Ohio.

LaVar Ball is about the get familiar with LeBron James. Before the announcement on StubHub season tickets started at $3,500.

While he's coming off arguably the greatest statistical season of his career in which he played all 82 games for the first time, James will turn 34 before the end of the year and has countless mileage already on his seemingly indestructible body.

Check out all the 2019 National Basketball Association conference and championship odds over at Sportsbook Review and if you've got a hunch, bet a bunch! As a parting gift for his dowdy first-love, he reminded the folks in Cleveland that he brought them a ring and that was something they could both always cherish.

What will Dan Gilbert do?

This new strategy likely will require LeBron to alter his game, as well, allowing Rondo and rookie Lonzo Ball to do a bit more ball-handling. The Lakers could've been pressured to overpay in Leonard traded if they felt it would have landed the four-time MVP. But it appears LeBron had knowledge of the plan.

"Matter of fact, I had one executive tell me, excuse me, I can't wait until he leaves because I'll get my team back".

However, this is reportedly what LeBron wanted.

James has never played alongside someone like Rondo or Ball, who have similar court vision and a knack for finding the best available shot on the floor. Currently, the three teams to beat in the East are the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors.

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