EPA's new boss unlikely to change Trump environmental policy

EPA's new boss unlikely to change Trump environmental policy

EPA's new boss unlikely to change Trump environmental policy

Swampiest swamp creature Scott Pruitt has resigned as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Sierra Club "seconded the notion that Pruitt was the worst EPA boss ever".

Until his nomination by Trump last fall, Wheeler worked as a lobbyist with a client list that included Murray Energy, one of the nation's largest coal mining companies.

"It is extremely hard for me to ease serving you in this role first because I count it as a blessing to be serving you in any capacity, but also because of the transformative work that is occurring", Pruitt wrote.

Wheeler has a long history in politics.

According to The Washington Post, Pruitt pushed to find his wife a well-paying job with a politically connected group.

Pruitt is under a dozen investigations regarding ethics violations, including allegations that he enlisted government staffers to help his wife get a job managing a franchise of the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A.

The statement stands in contrast to the first remarks Pruitt made to his staff, which focused on reigning in regulations.

SECURITY: Pruitt and the EPA cited the risk of attacks by people opposed to his policies to explain unusual and costly security decisions, including premium-class flights for Pruit and a bodyguard and a $43,000 soundproof booth for private phone calls. Democrats accused him of endless misconduct.

In February, for example, Pruitt suggested global warming could be good for humans.

Democrats had been gunning for Pruitt even before the former Oklahoma attorney general was nominated to head the EPA, however, mobilizing protesters on social networks by using the hashtag #PollutingPruitt and accusing him of having ties with the oil and coal industries.

And she tweeted that Andrew Wheeler may not have the same stink of blatant corruption as EPA Scott Pruitt, but he's just as dirty.

Interim EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler railed against President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign in a now-deleted Facebook post, calling him a "bully" and lacking acumen as a businessman. Wheeler is a former aide to Republican Senator James Inhofe, an outspoken climate change skeptic, and a former coal industry lobbyist.

Pruitt also rankled some Republican lawmakers, including in Midwest corn states, with his efforts to overhaul a U.S. policy requiring biofuels like corn-based ethanol in gasoline.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley released a statement Thursday afternoon regarding Pruitt's resignation. In that position, he repeatedly sued the EPA to roll back environmental regulations and public health protections.

Tellingly, the lobbyist was later hired as a lobbyist for Morocco at Dollars 40,000 per month.

There are also multiple inquiries into Pruitt's lease of a $50-a-night Capitol Hill condo in 2017 from lobbyist Vicki Hart.

"What we ought to be doing is rallying around him and supporting him and his family to keep him from being treated like this because they're going to do it to others", he added. Pruitt said his staff never told him the cost.

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