Kawhi Leonard reportedly won’t set foot in Spurs’ locker room again

Kawhi Leonard reportedly won’t set foot in Spurs’ locker room again

Kawhi Leonard reportedly won’t set foot in Spurs’ locker room again

The Los Angeles Lakers will be an attractive destination for players if they can sign LeBron James.

That could be great news for the Lakers if it turns out that James bolts for Los Angeles, they retain their assets and then land Leonard in free agency next summer.

While the Celtics reportedly reached out to the Spurs about Leonard prior to the trade deadline last season, conversations between the two sides as of late have been stagnant.

LeBron could decide that he doesn't have to wait on the Lakers to clear cap space and trade for Kawhi if he wants to play for Kawhi.

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs reportedly re-engaged in trade discussions surrounding Kawhi Leonard on Wednesday. He is the Lakers all-time leader in assists, but now he might have to make his biggest assist yet in free agency. So if Boston trades for him, he could leave a year later when he becomes a free agent.

While that would seemingly bode well for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the report goes on to call the chances of James remaining with his hometown team "murky".

According to Sports Illustrated's Jake Fisher, the Spurs' top target in a potential Leonard trade is Celtics forward Jayson Tatum. Based on the latest reports, that may be the most plausible scenario, as San Antonio likely wouldn't accept a deal that didn't involve Tatum, Brown or Irving.

That kind of mentality actually may be reassuring for Lakers fans - perhaps the team is not so hellbent to get James that they would sacrifice young players like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart or future draft picks.

The Nuggets, who will be deep into the luxury tax after re-signing restricted free agent center Nikola Jokic next month, have about $34 million in expiring contracts for Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur and Wilson Chandler to send out in possible deals.

James' decision to opt out of his contract seems to take the Houston Rockets off the table, as they would have major hurdles in signing him as a free agent while keeping their core together.

The summer of superstars is nearly upon us, and the Los Angeles Lakers are poised to be big players during 2018 National Basketball Association free agency.

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