Apple's patent war with Samsung is finally over

Apple's patent war with Samsung is finally over

Apple's patent war with Samsung is finally over

Both Apple and Samsung have made a filing with the Northern District Court of California in which they have agreed to both settle and drop the lawsuit against each other.

Apple and Samsung are ending their patent infringement battle, which began in 2011 and had gone all the way to the US Supreme Court. In a previous publicised settlement over patents with HTC, Apple didn't disclose settlement terms.

For extra displays, Apple will turn to South Korean company LG Display, which will initially supply between 2-4 million screens. We aren't sure if more money will be owed now that the two have settled, but I expect those details will be released sooner or later. When the verdict was first announced in 2012, Samsung had faced a huge $1.05 billion fine from the jury, which had ruled in Apple's favour in the patent claim case. But the last major event in the case came in May when the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $539 million in damages. The latest move doesn't indicate Apple is aiming for adoption of OLED screens for all of its iPhones next year and it's more about diversifying its suppliers, one of the people said. But Apple has pointed the press to its previous statement, from May, which suggests that it will be on the receiving end of some payment from Samsung.

The companies also collided in a second and separate 2014 trial in the same court over different patent-infringement claims of different Android phones.

Apple has not responded to a request for comment on the settlement and Samsung declined. The most interesting thing about the case is how long it dragged on. Unsurprisingly, Samsung countered that it should only pay damages on the portion of the iPhone design that it was found to have infringed on.

In 2016, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court agreed, handing a victory to Samsung.

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