Kawhi reached out to LeBron, says he wants them to play together

Kawhi reached out to LeBron, says he wants them to play together

Kawhi reached out to LeBron, says he wants them to play together

The Lakers are willing to include former No. 2 pick Brandon Ingram and a future first-round pick in a package for Leonard, but the Spurs are seeking a far more complete haul of young Lakers players and future picks, league sources said.

ESPN reported that Leonard is angry over what he believes was a mishandling of a quadriceps injury, as well as comments made by head coach Gregg Popovich and teammate Tony Parker regarding his injury as Leonard sat out. "That pick might be the thing that links a possible trade". Covington is as much a paragon of the Sixers' development efforts as any player of The Process era, emerging from an undrafted free agent to a key starter the team inked to a long-term extension last fall.

The Sixers rebuffed trade offers for Saric and Covington during an attempt to move into the top five selections of the 2018 draft, sources say. However, the Lakers don't have the same trade chips as the Celtics and are also a conference rival for San Antonio. Philadelphia values the team's assets, and the organization was averse to mortgaging its future flexibility.

As Fisher notes, this doesn't mean that Tatum is a dealbreaker for the Spurs, and could simply be the team setting the price high for a potential deal.

There is a very real chance Paul George chooses to stay in Oklahoma City, which is part of the reason the Lakers are pressing as hard as they are for a Leonard trade right now.

The report also gives the Spurs even more leverage than they already had in trade negotiations with the Lakers if they've decided that they want to be rid of the drama that Kawhi has brought to the franchise in the past year.

Leonard would take the Sixers to another level, giving them the go-to perimeter scorer they sorely lacked against Boston in the playoffs.

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