The world would view the Strawberry Moon 2018 in just sometime

The world would view the Strawberry Moon 2018 in just sometime

The world would view the Strawberry Moon 2018 in just sometime

Saturn will officially reach opposition around 9 a.m. EDT Wednesday, but the best time to see it will not come until Wednesday night when it pairs up with the moon.

The Strawberry Moon has also been called the Rose Moon and the Honey Moon.

Allen said stargazers will want to watch the moon rise and silhouette hills, buildings and trees, making the moon look larger-than-normal. Arguably the most breathtaking planet, it will appear much brighter and bigger than usual. This moon is known as the "strawberry moon".

Skywatchers will enjoy a double treat Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, thanks to the full "Strawberry" Moon and our closest view of Saturn this year.

Following the full moon and Saturn tandem would be the "Strawberry Moon", or summer's first full moon on Wednesday which will rise around 12:53 a.m. ET on Wednesday, or 12:53 the Philippines which could make viewing nearly impossible in the country.

Some of Saturn's moons might also be visible with a telescope, NASA said.

Sharing the spotlight Wednesday will be the planet Saturn.

Summer has just started, and skygazers already have a lot to look forward to next week, as the Saturn opposition and the so-called "Strawberry Moon" will be visible at around the same time.

Meanwhile, clouds will obscure the night sky for many across the Northeast and down the spine of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as parts of the Pacific Northwest, according to AccuWeather.

Although the planet can be seen with the naked eye, looking at the planet through the eyepiece of a telescope can reveal its famous rings.

While you're skygazing Wednesday, be sure to look for Saturn, which will be at its biggest and brightest of 2018.

When is the Full Strawberry Moon?

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