Anti-Brexit protesters march for new referendum

Anti-Brexit protesters march for new referendum

Anti-Brexit protesters march for new referendum

The Sunday Times reported that the UK's top five business lobby groups have warned Theresa May that businesses are queuing up to move jobs out of Britain.

They expressed concern that a 21-month transition period to give business time to prepare for Brexit is losing its value because little is known about the conditions after exiting.

Vehicle giant BMW has followed planemaker Airbus in warning about the consequences of Brexit uncertainty.

"People have seen politicians making a cataclysmic mess of a really bad deal they didn't vote for, or even a no deal they didn't vote for", a spokesman for the campaign told Reuters.

The People's Vote campaign argues that public opinion is turning against Brexit as the economic costs become clearer.

Germany's BDI industry group warned last week that Britain is heading toward a disorderly Brexit that could have disastrous consequences.

A number of major businesses, including banks and auto makers, have said that a failure to reach free-trade agreement could disastrous for them.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox told the BBC the European Union needs to understand that Britain is willing to walk away from the Brexit talks without agreement if necessary, because "no deal would be better than a bad deal". "The younger people in this country, many of whom will be out there marching today, are going to have to live with these decisions", he said.

The term "Project Fear" has been used by some pro-Brexit campaigners to denote alleged scaremongering by those in favour of remaining in the EU. The company now employs roughly 15,000 people in the country at 25 different sites.

European Union sources said more vets will be needed to inspect foods coming in from the UK.

"I believe that Brexit will be a disaster for this country", she said to a cheering crowd in a video posted on Facebook.

Organisers of the People's Vote march said Brexit was "not a done deal" and people must "make their voices heard".

However, a negotiated exit also poses risks, chief among them customs-related delays; disruption from new immigration controls; and a transition period after Brexit that Airbus considers "too short for governments to agree on all important open points, and for Airbus and its tier one suppliers to agree and implement all changes with their extensive United Kingdom supply chain".

Britain is on course to end its membership of the European Union next March, having first joined in 1973, but trading will continue for a limited period after that under a transitional period arrangement between the two sides.

BMW followed the warning from Airbus by saying that clarity over Brexit is needed by the end of the summer. Airbus said on Thursday it may pull investment from Britain in the event May fails to strike a deal, an outcome it described as "catastrophic" and which would threaten its 14,000

The demonstration came after leading Brexiteers warned that Britain is prepared to walk away from negotiations without a deal.

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