Android Messages on the web is now live

Android Messages on the web is now live

Android Messages on the web is now live

Google is rolling out desktop support for Android Messages, allowing users to use their PC to view messages received on their phone as well as send messages.

Much like the implementation of this feature in Gmail, Smart Reply offers up response suggestions based on the message received using AI.

Google has finally launched its long-rumored podcasting app as the company doubles down on its investments in the audio-focused format. It recommends that you prompt the company to index new podcasts as soon as possible, generate direct links, use Google Podcasts brand assets on your website, and track analytics that come from the new app.

Google says it wants the service to work in all major browsers. Apart from normal text, you can also send stickers, emoji and attachments. Further, select Messages for Web.

The app is a front-end for the Podcasts player in Google Assistant and it leverages the reach of the Assistant on your various devices to let you search for and play podcasts on any of those devices. It also makes Android Messages compete with apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both of which are chat apps with desktop versions.

Do note that only the website is now live and the set-up method is yet to be enabled within the mobile app. Then, scan the QR code shown on the Messages for web page.

Note: Google said your latest conversation threads, contacts, and other settings will be encrypted and cached on your browser. It will automatically sign out if anyone hasn't used their account for last 14 days. For instance, users can now tap the '+' button on the left hand side of the compose bar to search for GIFs.

Smart Reply is also on its way to Messages.

Lastly, the app now lets you easily copy one-time passwords or verification codes from sites such as banks. Engadget reported Tuesday that Google plans to add artificial intelligence-powered features in the coming months, including the ability to read transcripts of podcasts in multiple languages.

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