Armed civilian shoots, kills gunman at Walmart store

Armed civilian shoots, kills gunman at Walmart store

Armed civilian shoots, kills gunman at Walmart store

An armed civilian intervened and fatally shot a suspect who police said had shot two people and was attempting an armed carjacking in a Walmart parking lot in Olympia, Washington, on Sunday. "A citizen who was here in the parking lot took his gun and shot the suspect". Police say the 47-year-old man is from Oakville, Washington.

Laura Wohl, a Tumwater Police spokesperson, said the gunman shot the owner of the auto he was trying to steal.

She said Day eventually carjacked a vehicle, which he drove to Walmart about a mile (1.6 kilometre) north of the crash.

Police say the suspect then left the store and tried a second carjacking, in the parking lot, shooting an adult male occupant of the auto in the process.

The man from Oakville retrieved a first-aid kit from his auto and provided aid to the driver who had been shot until medics arrived, police said. He is now in critical condition, Harborview spokeswoman Susan Gregg said.

Tim Day is the only suspect, Tumwater Police said Monday.

"He's a hero", Adams repeatedly called the man. "[.] If this customer hadn't done what he did, I mean - yeah, he's a hero. Then came reports of shots fired near Tumwater High School, where the girl was wounded.

Megan Chadwick from Eugene, Oregon, was with her husband and four children inside the Walmart when the gunman entered.

He shot a driver twice after he refused to co-operate, and then attempted to take control of a second vehicle. They quickly located the stolen vehicle, but once again no suspect.

Tumwater police provided additional details Monday about the chaotic scene that unfolded at a Walmart Supercenter on Sunday evening after a gunman had reportedly attempted several carjackings and shot a driver. "Some people were moving more slowly, they were still kinda confused what was going on, so I just started shouting, 'go, go, go!'"

The action inside the store set off fears of a possible mass shooting. Heard about 5 or 6 pops. She heard "pop, pop, pop", and a man yelling "there's a guy shooting. Ducked under some cars and ran to Costco". Witnesses told KOMO that a total of three bystanders pulled guns on the suspect and at least one of them fired.

"As we were speaking to witnesses at that scene, we get another call of shots fired here at Walmart", Wohl said.

He began to run and found his way out to through the massive store's doors by the pharmacy. She eventually found a woman in her auto near the parking lot exit and banged on the door to help.

She said about that time the neighboring Costco store started evacuating its customers.

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