Trumps orders Pentagon to create US 'Space Force'

Trumps orders Pentagon to create US 'Space Force'

Trumps orders Pentagon to create US 'Space Force'

President Trump at the recent US-North Korea summit. President Trump referred to a Space Force that would be "separate but equal" to the Air Force, which might indicate a more independent service.

President Donald Trump on Monday directed Pentagon officials to move toward creating a "space force" that would become a sixth branch of the military, with congressional blessing, and portends the most sweeping revamp of the USA armed forces in more than 70 years. "That's a big statement", Trump said today at a meeting of the National Space Council.

Dubbing the new wing of America's fighting machine the "Space Force", Trump merged the idea of reasserting USA might in space exploration with that of carving out military dominance, as global jockeying for Earth's extra-atmospheric supremacy heats up.

Trump previously floated the idea of adding a "Space Force" branch to the United States military - a concept that has received some support on Capitol Hill but drawn skepticism from the Pentagon.

Earlier Monday, the White House announced it is establishing a new policy for reducing satellite clutter in space.

Trump has floated creating a Space Force for months, but the idea goes back at least a year to a proposal by lawmakers Mike D Rogers and Jim Cooper.

But while Dunford nodded his assent, both the Air Force and the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, have signaled their disapproval for moving military spaceflight activities out of the Air Force and into a new branch of government.

"We are going to have the Air Force and we're going to have the 'Space Force.' Separate but equal".

In December, Trump signed a directive that he said would enable astronauts to return to the moon and eventually lead a mission to Mars. The measure, he said, is another step forward in US leadership in space.

"Last year out of a lot of frustration and a commitment to do better in space, we set up a separate Space Corps", Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mac Thornberry told reporters last week. The Air Force already maintains a Space Command, for example.

Trump claimed that the plan will ensure that America, which plans a return to the moon and a mission to Mars, stays ahead of China and Russian Federation in any new space race. "Too many important issues at stake". The Air Force now has a Space Command division that oversees space-based military operations. "We'll save a little money and they can beat us and we're taking full credit for it, don't worry about it", Trump said.

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