Comedian raped and murdered after sending text: "I'm nearly home safe, HBU"

Comedian raped and murdered after sending text:

Comedian raped and murdered after sending text: "I'm nearly home safe, HBU"

The 22-year-old was walking home after performing at the Highlander Bar in the CBD when she was raped and murdered at North Carlton's Princes Park sports field less than a kilometre from where she lived.

"That is a lovely way of showing just how much one person's life can ripple out and echo around the country", she said.

Police said a number of offensive paint markings were found at the site in Princes Park during routine patrols just before 4:00am.

Lisa Wilkinson delivered the powerful monologue on Friday night, in response to the messages of advice delivered to women in the wake of Eurydice Dixon's death.

She added: "When we think about crime in our community, any type of violent crime particularly, we have an issue around gender". It is not known if Dixon knew her attacker or what the motive may have been for the killing.

Evangeline Douglas, one of the organisers, said the sister vigil was meant to give Perth locals the opportunity to pay their respects to the 22-year-old and to show solidarity for women who felt concerned about police advice that followed Ms Dixon's death.

As someone who is a comedian, as someone who is in that community, I have just seen so many of my friends devastated by this news.

She said: 'When I was a 22 year old comedian, I constantly walked home alone from gigs in the middle of the night because I couldn't afford tram fare, let alone taxis.

Heartbroken friends remembered her as bright and amusing.

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack told ABC Radio Melbourned that "we really need to challenge the concept of that male sense of entitlement about using violence". Women I know have been sharing their phone numbers with each other and making sure that people have enough money to get home or calling ride shares or making sure that they are looking out for each other.

'Women should be able to walk safely in our streets and parks. It was a good thing that 24 blokes on each side played this morning and we could come over and pay our respects.

But many hit out at the police for issuing the warning, saying it was victim blaming.

"Our bottom line is that no matter what, it's up to men to not stalk, rape, harass and murder women wherever they are". And that's when I saw all of the grief and all of the sadness turn into anger.

Comedian Nicky Barry said Dixon was a "joyous and independent spirit" who was dearly loved by those who met her. So, it's infuriating to be told, "Oh, you need to look out for yourself better and you need to be more aware of the dangers", when I think that women are so, so aware of the dangers.

In a series of tweets, Daniel Andrews, Victoria's Premier, entered the debate, commenting that violence against women would not change until men changed, reported ABC news.

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