Rose McGowan indicted over possession of cocaine

Rose McGowan indicted over possession of cocaine

Rose McGowan indicted over possession of cocaine

Her attorney, Jim Hundley, declined comment to media.

Rose McGowan is potentially facing a year in prison after being indicted by a grand jury for cocaine possession.

After surrending to police for a warrant in November 2017, she tweeted, "Are they trying to silence me?"

'These charges would have never been brought if it weren't for her activism as a voice for women everywhere.

The former Charmed star was slapped with felony possession of a controlled substance a year ago after authorities reportedly found two packets of cocaine in a wallet she left behind on a flight to Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia in January 2017.

Weinstein pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges.

At a hearing last month, prosecutors made the case that McGowan's wallet was properly handled from the moment it was found on a United Airlines plane early January 21, 2017.

The actress' claims that she is being framed by Harvey Weinstein date back to October, soon after news of a warrant being issued for her arrest broke. The wallet was found by a cleaning crew about five hours after McGowan deplaned, according to the Associated Press. Weinstein has denied all accusations. The airport found two bags of cocaine inside.

After McGowan's wallet went missing but before the charges against her were made public, someone sent McGowan a direct message on Instagram that said: "You left your wallet on your Saturday flight with your 2 bags of coke", the Associated Press reported.

McGowan told Farrow she has used drugs in the past, but said marijuana was her "jam".

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