Trump and Kim sign 'comprehensive' document to end summit

Trump and Kim sign 'comprehensive' document to end summit

Trump and Kim sign 'comprehensive' document to end summit

On June 10th, during a Fox and Friends segment discussing the president's upcoming summit meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, host Abby Huntsman had a attractive slip of the tongue when she called Trump a dictator.

"There we have him".

According to White House pool reports, President Donald Trump praised the possible relationship between himself and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

"We're both very honored to sign the document, thank you", Trump said, with Kim sitting at his side.

At first, everything appeared to be flowing smooth as Huntsman was covering Trump's arrival in Singapore for his summit with Kim Jong-un.

Trump said Tuesday as the leaders wrapped up their historic summit in Singapore that he and Kim "have developed a very special bond" during their day together.

The US President calls the meeting with North Korea's leader a "one time shot at peace". "It's never going to be there again", Trump said Saturday. "Everyone makes mistakes. We're all human".

She apologised on her show and on Twitter as critics called her gaffe a "Freudian slip". "We're going to take care of a very big and very risky problem for the world".

The co-host of Fox & Friends Abby Huntsman made the comment on Sunday as TV footage showed the Republican president landing in Singapore for a summit with Kim on Tuesday.

She apologized for calling both men dictators and added, "I did not mean to say that".

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