Tesla Touting 10 Rocket Thrusters for New Roadster

Tesla Touting 10 Rocket Thrusters for New Roadster

Tesla Touting 10 Rocket Thrusters for New Roadster

But safety experts anxious the grand promises of full self-driving capabilities could lull drivers into a false sense of security for technologies that are still largely unproven on the road.

Autopilot's name may sound like it can drive a Tesla electric vehicle for you, but it's still a semi-autonomous feature that can auto-steer, keep you in your lane, brake, and accelerate the vehicle forward as long as the driver is still paying full attention with hands on the wheel. The paper reported the company chose not to use the additional sensors. The Tesla product architect revealed that version 9 of Autopilot will aim to fix that issue.

Tesla argued it had dropped out of the investigation, contending that restrictions on disclosures about the crash could jeopardize public safety by preventing the timely release of information about Autopilot to consumers.

Federal safety investigators have been looking into a series of accidents, including at least two datal ones, involving self-driving cars.

Under the update, the "Hold Steering Wheel" alert appears every 15 to 20 seconds when pressure is not detected on the steering wheel.

It's worth bearing in mind, the official Tesla website still says "Enhanced Autopilot should still be considered a driver's assistance feature with the driver responsible for remaining in control of the vehicle at all times".

But aside for that brief description, written in response to an owner's comments about Tesla's Autopilot suite of driver-assist features, Musk didn't give any more details about just how autonomous his cars would be.

The Autopilot software update will call for an extra $5,000 dollars to the auto owners. 8 seconds prior to the crash, the Tesla was following a lead vehicle and was traveling about 65 miles per hour, before it began a left steering motion. "Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly". Musk has said LIDAR is not a prerequisite for Tesla. "And, as pointed out by NTSB, it still failed to prevent (Huang's) death, and indeed likely caused it".

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the SpaceX upgrade package the company will offer for the new Roadster will include around 10 small rocket thrusters that will improve the vehicle's acceleration, maximum speed, braking, and handling.

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