Phillies poke fun at IHOP with ridiculous name change

Phillies poke fun at IHOP with ridiculous name change

Phillies poke fun at IHOP with ridiculous name change

It's not the first time the 60-year-old chain has tried to expand beyond breakfast - without much success.

The chain's Twitter bio now reads "Burgers so burgerin' good, we changed our name to IHOb".

IHOP, of course, stands for International House of Pancakes.

After teasing a mysterious new logo with a "b" instead of a "p" online last week, International House of Pancakes announced Monday it was changing its name to International House of Burgers, reported CNN.

The "B" stands for burgers.

Some are calling it an "epic fail", saying it's the least likely reason to go to a restaurant known for its pancakes.

The change seems to be part of a plan to capture business in the day and early evening, outside of IHOP's traditional strength in the morning hours. Talk about yum! The menu boasts classic and newfangled flavors like Jalapeño Kick, Cowboy BBQ and, our favorite, Big Brunch-a burger loaded with smoked bacon, crispy potatoes, American cheese and a fried egg. Darren Rebelez, the president of IHOP, explained the re-branding and put restaurant-goers at ease in a statement.

The so-called beef went away as soon as it started, however, with Wendy's signing a sort of peace treaty and welcoming IHOB to the burger neighborhood. He said that some fans were upset about the idea of IHOP even considering tinkering with the name.

"The whole goal of this effort was to convince people that we were just as serious about our burgers as we are about our pancakes, ' Haley said". "Since we know you're all waiting in anticibation for what the b could be, we've chose to give you one more biece of the buzzle", it tweeted June 8. "The vast majority of people were having fun with the name change and were trying to solve the riddle". On social media, the brand ditched the @IHOP twitter handle for @IHOb.

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