One race, two chequered flags: Vettel blasts Canadian GP gaffe

One race, two chequered flags: Vettel blasts Canadian GP gaffe

One race, two chequered flags: Vettel blasts Canadian GP gaffe

Sebastian Vettel described Friday practice for the Canadian Grand Prix as "a disaster".

Verstappen started the Canada weekend by joking he would "headbutt" someone if he kept being asked about his incidents and modifying his approach, but Horner said the Dutchman did make a change.

The race marked Vettel's 50th win of his career and his third win of the season.

Hamilton, who had engine problems in the race, said: "It could have been a lot worse".

"Like every grand prix there's not one person to dedicate it to", said Vettel.

Vettel added he was dedicating the victory to the team and "the local fans who've waited long enough". I think I've succeeded. I'm extremely proud to become part of that story. It's a bit much for something that was, in reality, absolutely nothing.

A race known for spills and mishaps was mostly uneventful, other than a crash that put local favourite Lance Stroll of Montreal out only a quarter of the way through the first lap.

A miscommunication between the local track officials lead to the chequered flag being dropped on lap 69, a lap early.

Whiting acknowledged the situation was further complicated by marshals around the track believing that the race was over.

"That was amusing", said Vettel.

"He just showed it a lap early, or he told the flag waver to show it a lap early, so it wasn't anything to do with the fact that it was a celebrity flag waver". "I could have had a DNF and lost 25 points", he said.

"We all know that means we're on lap 69, but to someone who let's say is more casual observer thinks 'Oh, this must mean it's the last lap'".

In accordance with Formula One rules for races that are ended too early, the results of the last completed lap, 68 in this case, were used to record the final results. Hamilton has won the Canadian race six times, including the previous three.

Hamilton is only one point behind, however.

"You need to get the right balance between pushing the development very hard and adding performance to the auto and at the same time keeping reliability", Wolff said. With 20 laps remaining, Hamilton began to find a rhythm to move within a second of Ricciardo while Bottas, at the front, trimmed Vettel's lead to 3.8 seconds. But obviously we also do our job inside the auto to try and avoid racing, disappear or stay in front and not get overtaken. I am really grateful for this day, while it's ultimately not a great performance from us and we would want more points. "How can I be better?' I am going to keep doing that".

They should have new pieces for the next race June 24 in Le Castellet in France. Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) finished in 7th place ahead of his team mate Carlos Sainz. Both drivers climbed out unhurt, but their days were over on the spot. "He just ran me out of road", said the luckless Hartley.

A steward's investigation found neither driver at fault. I think 'How can I beat them?

Here's what else we learned in the Canadian GP.

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