Memphis woman accused of driving 2 children in pet kennels

A Tennessee woman was arrested after a video was shared online showing two children getting out of dog kennels in a vehicle in Memphis over the weekend, police said.

The children told police there wasn't much air in the kennels and they were very hot.

Neighbors said Cheeks just bought two German Shepherd puppies that she would put in the kennels in the back of her truck.

According to Memphis police, Leimome Cheeks, 62, said there was no room inside her vehicle, so she told the seven and eight-year-olds to get inside the kennels.

Mrs Cheeks had also allegedly shut a seven-year-old child in a separate cage, both of which had an enclosed roof and only a small front-facing metal window.

"Despicable", Sonrisa Schweddy wrote on Memphis Police Department's Facebook announcement of Cheek's arrest.

The viral video, which showed two kennels and another child by the vehicle, led to an investigation after the Memphis Police Department received a complaint, according to police documents seen by Reuters.

The video was filmed by a concerned citizen who was passing by. Wow, " neighbor Skylarr Blake told WREG.

Cheeks is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, June 11, 2018.

Another neighbor told Fox 13 Cheeks "loves her grandkids" and that they were "always outside playing with the dogs and stuff". This lady had no problem at all letting her kids out of these cages in public.

Another resident, Skylark Blake told the local press that Mrs Cheeks is a "nice lady" and he "can't see her doing that".

"There's no excuse at all", a neighbor said.

"I think she needs some help".

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