'Legally Blonde 3' is officially happening

'Legally Blonde 3' is officially happening

'Legally Blonde 3' is officially happening

Witherspoon shared a silent video of herself floating in a pool donning a pink bikini with the caption: "It's true".

The Legally Blonde pics center around Witherspoon's Woods, a former sorority girl who proves that she's no dumb blonde, and after pursuing her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law school, graduates and later makes waves in Washington D.C.in the sequel.

Witherspoon tweeted the news early Thursday morning, along with the words "It's true" and the hashtag #LegallyBlonde3. Now, MGM Studios has officially announced a release date, just a few hours after Reese Witherspoon confirmed that she was reprising the role as feminist icon Elle Woods. Witherspoon contemplated where her character would be on an episode of Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe in 2015. But now, it is time to bend and snap once again because Legally Blonde 3 is happening.

The film spawned a sequel, "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde", in which Elle takes a job on Capitol Hill - and which ends with a joke about Elle's presidential ambitions. "I think it's a really great time to talk about women in politics because we need more women in politics".

The previous films also starred Luke Wilson, Selma Blair and Jennifer Coolidge.

"I didn't even understand when I was making it that it was a bit of a modern feminist manifesto", she recently told Fast Company.

No details about the plot of Legally Blonde 3 have been revealed yet.

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