Kate Spade's Husband Releases Statement: 'There Was No Indication And No Warning'

Kate Spade's Husband Releases Statement: 'There Was No Indication And No Warning'

Kate Spade's Husband Releases Statement: 'There Was No Indication And No Warning'

"There was no indication and no warning that she would do this", he said in a statement. It was a complete shock. "And it clearly wasn't her", he wrote. "Kate Spade is proof of that", she says.

Andy, 55, revealed in a statement on Wednesday, June 6, that his wife of 24 years had battled depression and anxiety for years. "We went to the cash register and [the sales clerk] said, 'Are you on our mailing list?" I now have "Uncle Arthur" in both knees and, in just the last three years, I've developed a raging case that leaves no doubt whatsoever I need to join the legions who give thanks to God we have artificial knees, hips, and marvelous medical means to overcome stuff that happens when your hair turns white. Their daughter Bea was living with both of them and they saw each other or spoke every day.

Earl "Frank" Brosnahan, Spade's father, has also spoken out about his daughter's death, telling The Kansas City Star he'd spoken to Spade the night before.

Celebrity news website TMZ cited police sources as saying Spade had fallen into depression in recent weeks after her husband left her and was seeking divorce. "She was definitely anxious about what people would say if they found out".

"Our daughter was our priority", he said.

Bella Cariaga's Facebook photos tell a story about her life working for Kate Spade over the past couple of years and include her time spent with Spade's daughter, Frances Beatrix "Bea" Spade.

Andy Spade also said Kate's suicide was unexpected, and that she "sounded happy" the evening before she was found dead in her Manhattan apartment of an apparent suicide.

"I was being exposed to different professional opportunities, many of which required me to dress in business attire, but at the time my wardrobe was lacking in that", Minor, who was 19 at the time, said.

"It was Katy's way to be accessible and available to everyone", he said.

It was a blunt rebuke to claims by the designer's sister that Kate Spade needed mental health care but refused treatment over concerns about potentially hurting the light-hearted brand. I don't know that there's a lot of ways you can do that for a young person, and she did that.

"We were freaked out/saddened", Saffo said, "but she kept watching it and watching it over and over". However, he declined to characterize her state as either manic depression or a lifelong condition. The pair had amicably separated about 10 months before her death. You never know what someone is going through, even if they have touched so many in a positive way like Spade did.

Minor and the other PoweHERful scholars were treated to a shopping spree during a weekend trip to NY in 2015 to get them ready for their internships the following summer.

"One thing we feel is that any talk that they do that helps somebody else", he said.

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