Why did Wynne say she won't be Ontario's premier?

Why did Wynne say she won't be Ontario's premier?

Why did Wynne say she won't be Ontario's premier?

Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, speaks in Sault Ste.

Liberal party leader Kathleen Wynne, NDP party leader Andrea Horwath, Green Party leader Mike Schreiner, and Progressive Conservative party leader Doug Ford were asked how they would support growing tech companies in the province.

So, here we are in the 21st century and we are getting ready to vote in a provincial election on June 7.

"It's hard because I know there are Liberals who believe in us", she said.

True progressives must unite around the New Democrats this Thursday and I am disappointed that Wynne is trying to set herself up as the power behind the throne in a minority government.

Ms. Morrison said she brought her concerns to Ms. Wynne after the incident in 2013.

"In the past, the Liberals have typically - either federally or provincially - been regarded as, and have been, the stronger party, so the messaging has been to NDP supporters not to waste their vote", Siemiatycki said. "People worry that the NDP will raise taxes on small businesses, that they will push job creation lower", the premier said in her remarks. "And so we need Liberals at Queen's Park to stop a majority for either of the other governments".

"I view it as the potential harm is greater than the gain but at this stage, I think the Liberals are doing all that they can to keep party status in the legislature and win enough seats that rebuilding is possible or much easier than if they get wiped out".

The Ontario Liberal Party also released a campaign ad echoing Wynne's warning about a majority government.

Surviving a leadership review in November 2014, Horwath came into the current campaign knowing this would be her last election as leader if she couldn't improve the party's fortunes. For the adult daughter who does all she can to care for her aging parents while she also scrambles to find safe, affordable child care for her own toddler.

She declined, however, to endorse either the Tories or the NDP, nor would she comment on the possibility of strategic voting, a perennial issue in elections where voters appear to be clamouring for change.

There's only five more days until Election Day. She said that committee would be modelled on one that looked into former premier Dalton McGuinity's decision to cancel two natural gas power plants.

She won the NDP leadership in 2009 and since then has played the part of political chameleon, blurring her political stripes depending on what she perceived would win her the most seats. "It gives the mayor more authority to organize things the way he wants, which I think is important".

Cochrane explains that the Liberals and New Democrats have offered "virtually identical" policies in recent years, which means many traditional Liberal supporters are "primed to vote NDP".

The Ford campaign dismissed the ads as a sign of "desperation" by the Liberals, who stand a distant third in public opinion polls after 15 years in office.

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