Destiny 2 Forsaken Trailer Revealed, Overview of Year 2

Destiny 2 Forsaken Trailer Revealed, Overview of Year 2

Destiny 2 Forsaken Trailer Revealed, Overview of Year 2

The official Destiny 2 development roadmap for today.

Bungie has announced its latest DLC expansion for Destiny 2 "Forsaken" which will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this September.

Let's run through the core gameplay changes first. Yeah, like bows and arrows.

Bungie said its partnership with NetEase won't affect its commitment to Destiny or its deal with Activision.

On the topic of weapons, you'll soon be able to have full control over your loadout. But now you can equip whatever you want in each, so you can run around with three shotguns if you choose. New new new. Lots of changes.

The new title is probably a reference to Fallen Captain Mithrax, the Forsaken, who appeared in the Chances and Choices mission in the Enemy of My Enemy World Quest. In the video we've embedded above, we get to see a few of them. While it's not a whole new subclass element, each class gets new supers within the other elements, like the fire knives for the Hunter, massive solar hammer for the Titan, or teleporting Void Warlock.

Do I see.actual new enemy models in there? In Gambit, two teams of four will each be dropped into their own discrete maps where they will have to face off against a series of enemies, collecting and banking "motes" along the way to make things more hard for the other team. The team that takes out their designated boss enemy wins.

Gambit is a blend of PvP and PvE.

"Destiny 2's" all-new game mode is called Gambit, and it combines a mix of team-based PvP combat and non-player alien combatants. It concluded with a release date announcement for September 4. As of right now, via the graphic shown for the Pass during the livestream, we know that Bungie has content scheduled for Destiny 2 through winter of next year.

The return to Destiny 1-style random rolls and mods is a major change aimed at giving players a reason to stick with the game over the long term-a long-overdue feature aimed square at die-hard grinders.

The design goal with Forsaken is to make it "feel like a game that never ends", bringing depth back to the game via customization, choices, and randomization, and reinforcing the concept of Destiny 2 as a hobby to pursue in and of itself.

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