ME woman charged after vehicle drives onto ballfield, kills man, police say

ME woman charged after vehicle drives onto ballfield, kills man, police say

ME woman charged after vehicle drives onto ballfield, kills man, police say

An Oswego County man who killed a small child in a hit and run in Fulton decades ago was killed Friday saving children from a hit-and-run driver at a baseball game in Sanford, Maine.

Police arrested Carol Sharrow, 51, on a charge alleging manslaughter.

Sharrow drove her auto onto the ball field at 7:09 p.m., Sanford police reported on Facebook.

Witnesses say Parkhurst was pushing players out of the way before he was hit.

Witnesses also said that before Sharrow entered Goodall Park, she tried to drive onto the basketball court across the street at Benton Park where children were playing, but she couldn't get past a line of big boulders around the court.

"After the auto got off the field, (the driver) came to the gate, and the older guy pushed the kids right out the way".

Police caught the driver, Carol Sharrow, 52, a short time after she hit Parkhurst, police told local reporters. She was taken to York County Jail in Alfred, where she remained through Saturday.

A driver in ME with a history of DUI convictions was being held on manslaughter charges after driving through an open gate and onto a baseball diamond during a youth game Friday night, sending players and spectators fleeing for safety, authorities said.

Maine State Police and the Sanford Police Department are continuing to investigate the incident.

Following the 2013 interview with detectives, Parkhurst - whom officers said was aware that he could not be charged because the statute of limitations had expired in the case - then went to police and signed a four-page written confession. "I wasn't sure what to do". I am oh so sorry.

The woman hit a closed gate, and then the main gate, when trying to get off the field, Sanford Police Cpl. Authorities have not revealed a motive in the incident.

The crash happened during a little league game Friday night in Sanford, Maine.

A woman named Shelley Grumann wrote on Facebook that she was at the baseball game, according to The Journal Tribune, and estimated that about 200 people were nearby when the vehicle barreled onto the field.

A Facebook post from Sanford Maine Little League encouraged community members to support the boys and help them return to their field safely Sunday.

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