Stan Lee files $1B lawsuit against POW! Entertainment for 'stealing' his name

Stan Lee files $1B lawsuit against POW! Entertainment for 'stealing' his name

Stan Lee files $1B lawsuit against POW! Entertainment for 'stealing' his name

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee thanked his fans for their support in his first video on Twitter.

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The major claim of the case, writes The Hollywood Reporter, is that POW! and two of its leading members stole Lee's identity, name, and likeness, which were fraudulently sold, at one point, to a company in China.

Lee's lawsuit claims that the defendants cruelly capitalized on Lee being distracted due to the 2017 death of his wife of 70 years, as well as taking advantage of the fact that he suffers from macular degeneration that would have made it virtually impossible for Lee to read any documents relating to the transaction.

Lee claims in the complaint that Duffy and Champion "knew about [his] diagnosis of advanced macular degeneration, which has left him unable to read or drive on his own since about 2015, and they prayed (sic) on his infirmities while he was in a state of disrepair". When the deal happened, Lee could not read the document that he was signing. Lee is seeking to nullify the deal and receive 1 billion dollars in damages.

In the lawsuit, Lee alleges that he had been asked by the defendants to sign non-exclusive rights to his name to facilitate the deal, but the agreement ultimately allowed for exclusive rights.

On May 15, 2018, Lee sent out a cry for "help" and claimed that someone had "hijacked" his Facebook and Instagram. With accusations of sexual misconduct on Lee's part and accusations of elder abuse against his caretakers, fans have been quite confused and anxious about Stan Lee. The firm says it has reviewed the complaint in the media with its legal counsel "and can assure its shareholders that the complaint is completely without merit". How do I get them back? In particular, the notion that Mr.

On the day of the premiere, news broke of a lawsuit in which Lee is accused of sexual misconduct by a massage therapist who says he acted inappropriately with her during two separate sessions. Lee - who, along with his daughter, was and remains a substantial POW! "The evidence, which includes Mr Lee's subsequent statements and conduct, is overwhelming and we look forward to presenting it in court". "You guys are my true superheros", posted his account recently.

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