Black Ops 4: Battle Royale Mode 'Blackout' Detailed

Black Ops 4: Battle Royale Mode 'Blackout' Detailed

Black Ops 4: Battle Royale Mode 'Blackout' Detailed

Yes, they are doing something "new", but cutting out an integral part of the Call of Duty experience isn't the way to go about it.

"It's all about having fun with your friends", Treyarch's Mark Lamia said said.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is coming October 12, and it likely won't be the only AAA game packing a battle royale mode this year. There's no sign of the gun customization shown in the primary multi-player mode. Treyarch also kept to their word and made it boots on the ground only, that means NO JETPACKS AND NO WALL RUNNING. He can also resupply team mates with assault packs. Narratively, it takes place between Black Ops 2 and 3, which justifies all the high tech gadgets that permeated the multiplayer trailer.

We've recapped the game's big overnight reveal below.

Where Black Ops 4 at least remains traditional is in the addition of the completely inexplicable zombies mode. Each one of the maps will be completely different from the other, but will also feature the return of a fan favorite map as well!

Protagonists Charlotte, Bruno, Diego, and Shaw, will play on maps called IX (Nine), Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead.

The new Black Ops game is set within a narrative universe between Black Ops II and Black Ops III and stresses multi-player gaming like the battle royale, improved league play and collaborative features for gamers. Called Blackout, the description points to the overall map size being 1,500 times bigger than the iconic Nuketown map from the Black Ops series. "With all the features of, I think it's going to be pretty awesome what Black Ops 4 is going to have to offer".

Finally, it seems PC CoD fans are going to have a lot to look forward to.

These are all we know so far fellas.

Glancing at the minimap, you can see your allies and their sightlines, so it's simple to cover an area without needing to communicate. However, an enterprising Reddit user took the time to count the little dots on the simulated map from the Black Ops 4 trailer and counted 140 players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will arrive on PC and console this October. First time in years too.

- Travis Saucier (@EvilEnygma)What, NO single campaign in Black Ops 4? Given publishers have to pay Valve a cut for every game sold on Steam, major games-makers are pushing towards their own storefronts a la Ubisoft with uPlay or EA with Origin (and of course Activision-Blizzard with

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is making some pretty big changes to multiplayer.

The reveal confirmed a series of leaks that had suggested the game would have a Battle Royale mode, and that it would ditch single player.

However we do have a few details about the beta from the official Black Ops 4 website. I'll tell you: to capitilize on the success of PUBG and and more recently Fortnite.

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