Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

If your skill uses only a single voice today, changing the voice or adding different voices in the right places may allow you to provide an even more engaging experience.

Amazon is giving this choice to developers through their Polly text-to-speech service. This new capability can help you enrich your skill's experience, making it more engaging for customers.

The online retail giant said Wednesday that developers can now apply to test the voices, which were built to sound like U.S. English speakers. Developers can utilise the new development to easily give distinct voices to their Alexa skills.

But all this has been eased with Amazon Polly, which can determine the differences within various homographs and offers natural-sounding voices.

In March alone, the company rolled out the "Brief Mode" feature which converts Alexa's responses to simple beeps, and "Follow-Up Mode" which lets you chain multiple Echo commands together without needing to repeat your device's wake word. "It's as easy as that".

The feature now only allows developers to select from eight U.S. English voices, which means it could be some time before multi-voice Alexa Skills make their way to Canada.

Rivalling Google Assistant and Apple's Siri, Amazon is upgrading Alexa with the ability to speak in not just one or two but eight different voices. Skills that drive high customer engagement can also lead to a payday for developers through Alexa Developer Rewards.

The bank used the Alexa Skills Kit to create the services.

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