YouTube Music is Here as Google's New Music Service

YouTube Music is Here as Google's New Music Service

YouTube Music is Here as Google's New Music Service

YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium, and YouTube Premium are new services that Google announced yesterday; they are Google's next, and maybe final, attempt at establishing a free and paid streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. It has both mobile app and desktop experiences, playlists, artist radio, music videos, remixes, covers, and everything else you could ask for in a music service.

The app's home screen will offer customisable videos and music options, based on location, surroundings and listening/viewing history. Much of that "viewing" is actually music listening, as music videos consistently rank among the most popular clips on YouTube, making it one of the biggest single sources of music listening worldwide.

"They're incorporating all your viewing on YouTube to build your favourites", noted Lefsetz - those gasps of horror you can hear are parents everywhere thinking about all those nursery-rhymes their kids binged in the past while logged in to the parental account.

YouTube Music will also sit alongside a separate "YouTube Premium" subscription, which will cost $11.99 a month. Like YouTube Red, neither service will be available in South Africa.

"YouTube is where artists and fans connect: creating and discovering a world of music".

The company planning to add $2 charge for the other parts of YouTube Red, also will require individuals to also pay for YouTube Music.

The announcement follows the company's recent updated charts and the recent addition of songwriter, label and publisher credits to music on YouTube.

The new ad-supported version of YouTube Music will be available for free, while YouTube Music Premium, a paid membership without advertisements, will be available at $9.99 a month, YouTube said in a blog post.

And if you don't know the name of a song, then don't worry: the app will find the music you want based on a lyrics search or description.

As usual in this type of service, the YouTube Music application will offer us a personalized experience recommending songs and playlists that we like, a feature that has become part of everyday life for many of us. You also won't be able to download music for offline listening on this tier either. The UK, and other countries will get it in the "coming weeks".

YouTube Music will also "soon" be launching in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, said YouTube.

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