Key senators: 'no doubt' Russian Federation sought to interfere in U.S. election

Key senators: 'no doubt' Russian Federation sought to interfere in U.S. election

Key senators: 'no doubt' Russian Federation sought to interfere in U.S. election

They called it "the gorilla in the room".

The House report had argued that the intelligence community "did not employ proper analytic tradecraft" in gauging Russian President Vladimir Putin's intentions.

Questioned intently by a Senate committee, President Donald Trump's son struck a firmly unapologetic tone, deflected many queries and said he didn't think there was anything wrong with meeting a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in hopes of election-season dirt on Hillary Clinton, according to transcripts released Wednesday.

"I did say at the time this was an very bad idea and a terrible meeting", Goldstone wrote.

Negotiations for a face-to-face meeting began with a written request from Trump Tower to the Kremlin, included a personal call with Mr Putin's top spokesman and "went down to the wire", Mr Goldstone recalled. Trump then told an associate to spread a rumor that Putin had indeed stopped by for a visit, the report added. "There is no doubt that Russian Federation undertook an unprecedented effort to interfere with our 2016 elections".

The transcripts reveal some new details about how the meeting - a key point of interest in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign - came to be arranged and efforts afterward to mitigate the political damage arising from its disclosure.

He has praised Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, among others.

Trump Jr. deflected multiple questions during the interview, including whether he discussed the Russian Federation probe with his father. Torshin is the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russian Federation. Confirming previously published accounts, the participants said Veselnitskaya spent much of her time talking about the purported evils of the Magnitsky Act, a 2012 piece of legislation that banned certain Russian individuals from entering the United States or using the USA banking system, and Bill Browder, a US -born hedge-fund manager who campaigned for the bill's passage.

But Mr Putin only rarely meets with Americans. Of course, the culminating piece of evidence in any obstruction of justice case would likely be the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey.

"After a few minutes of this labored presentation, Jared Kushner, who is sitting next to me, appeared somewhat agitated by this and said, 'I really have no idea what you're talking about".

Trump Jr.'s response: "Seems we have some time and if it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer".

"Donald came here to Russian Federation when he was not even nominated", Mr Putin told Ms Megyn Kelly of NBC News. For example, Trump Jr. "I learned about it only afterwards, when I was told that as it turned out he had been to Russian Federation". Another meeting attendee, Irakly "Ike" Kaveladze, a businessman from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, described the outfit in great detail to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That is when "it first reared its ugly head", he recalled. Phone records show that Donald Trump Jr. called a blocked number before and after calls with Agalarov arranging the meeting and again on the night of the meeting.

"I noticed your campaign is covered positively nearly daily", in Russia, Goldstone wrote to Trump in an email.

Goldstone went on to relay that the Washington Post was reporting that the FBI was investigating the meeting.

"Stay cool", Agalarov instructed Goldstone in a voicemail that was played before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A big question has been whether that was his father, and whether Trump Jr. might have informed his father about the meeting.

Publicist Rob Goldstone approached Trump Jr. about possibly having dirt on Clinton from the Russians. Sawyer asked Trump, Jr. "Did you also love that?" the lawyer asked. In short, I wish I had not spent five hours of my day going through them, but alas, here we are. Moscow denies its interference in the American election campaign. And "attempted collusion" or "desire to collude" is even less likely put these members of Trump's inner circle in significant legal jeopardy.

"I don't know", he replied.

The invitation came in July 2015, in an email from Goldstone to Graff, Trump's executive assistant, asking whether Trump would be able to attend Aras Aragalov's 60th birthday party.

He spent that evening in NY, at NBC's Rockefeller Centre studios as the guest host of Saturday Night Live.

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