Deadpool 2: Every CAMEO revealed but is Wolverine there? Full gallery

Deadpool 2: Every CAMEO revealed but is Wolverine there? Full gallery

Deadpool 2: Every CAMEO revealed but is Wolverine there? Full gallery

Coming from the man behind John Wick and Atomic Blonde, the thing I was expecting to be most-improved in Deadpool 2 was the action.

Ryan Reynolds proved once again that he and Blake Lively are undoubtedly the cutest Hollywood couple when the 41-year-old Canadian actor, screenwriter and producer admitted his favourite gig just so happens to be his role as "Mr. Lively". "See I'm under here, ' [and] undo four hours of prosthetic makeup work", Reynolds said. The film is peppered with major Marvel characters popping up, as well as one huge Hollywood star.

Remember when there were some whispers that Deadpool 2 had tested poorly? And while I agree on both points, it'd be nice if every movie were at least somewhat good. Earlier Singer Celine Dion released new music from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack "Ashes", with an accompanying video starring Deadpool.

So I am sure you all watched the, well, just freaky pairing of Canadian legend Celine Dion and Deadpool in her latest music video (if you missed it, you can check it out just above).

"Oh really, you think you can do this?"

"I'll be the judge of that", Deadpool shot back. "Which is not really Deadpool 3, but it's sorta a group effort". If all that sounds a bit too much like a dulling of Deadpool's characteristics and behaviours - don't worry - he is still just as rude and lewd as he ever was. Right now we're just focusing in on the marketing campaign which for Deadpool is always to a certain degree an extension of the film itself. But necessity is the mother of invention so the less we have, the more creative we have to get. We get to have as much fun with the marketing as we do with the actual shooting of the movie.

Chances are that if you absolutely loved the first Deadpool, you'll at least like Deadpool 2. Deadpool happily brags about it in the new film, continuing his breaking-the-fourth-wall humour. "He's bigger than me so I for sure let him know we'd be making fun of him a little, but I love him", Reynolds told Us Weekly at the film premiere Monday.

Another brutally amusing scene shows Reynolds himself excitedly reading an early script for Green Lantern before Deadpool appears and shoots him in the head.

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