De Blasio promises changes to how NYPD handles marijuana arrests

De Blasio promises changes to how NYPD handles marijuana arrests

De Blasio promises changes to how NYPD handles marijuana arrests

As he navigates the controversy surrounding the sex and abuse scandals involving Harvey Weinstein and former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Vance announced Tuesday that starting August 1 he will no longer prosecute marijuana possession and smoking cases unless they demonstrate public safety concerns. "The dual mission of the Manhattan DA's Office is a safer NY and a more equal justice system", Vance said, according to Forbes.

A major investigation by the New York Times found continued racial disparities in marijuana enforcement and arrests in every neighborhood in the City.

A City Council study found that in 2017, 86 percent of people arrested for low-level marijuana possession were black and Hispanic and less than 9 percent were white.

The Times also debunked the NYPD explanation for the disparities, which the police attribute to more 311 and 911 complaints in certain neighborhoods. After recently saying he was "not there yet" on legalizing recreational marijuana, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio directed the NYPD to present a proposal within 30 days to decrease marijuana arrests and NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said that the department would review marijuana enforcement policies.

"At the same time, I took an oath to uphold the laws of the state of NY, and ultimately, this is an issue that should be decided in a more thoughtful and comprehensive way by the state Legislature, and not as a rushed reaction to the top news headlines of the day".

In the heavily minority and immigrant populated 120th Precinct, of the 287 calls made to 311 and 911 related to marijuana the same number of arrests were made, according to data provided by the NYPD to the City Council. New York City officials and district attorneys made efforts on Tuesday to curb marijuana arrests, which primarily affect black and Hispanic residents.

We have been taught that marijuana is a "gateway" drug and that early use can predict future problems. "The number of arrests in that precinct, the 76th Precinct, were 246 arrests".

After being elected mayor, de Blasio announced a new policy of cannabis decriminalization, in which anyone caught with under 25 grams of pot would be receive a summons rather than be arrested.

De Blasio did not provide any details of what the policy changes might entail. But at this point, in New York State, it is still illegal. Hispanics were five times more likely than white people to face arrest.

"We must and we will end unnecessary arrests and end disparity in enforcement", de Blasio said during a press conference this week in Washington.

"The grandchild of stop-and-frisk is marijuana arrests based on race", he said.

As the city and district attorneys in Manhattan and Brooklyn are moving toward easing the way they enforce marijuana laws, the Island's District Attorney Michael McMahon has declined to take a position on the issue.

But O'Neill added that officers do not target "any people of color who have no nexus to violence".

Cuomo spoke after his Democratic primary opponent, actress Cynthia Nixon, called for the legalization of marijuana as a matter of racial justice.

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