Facebook suspends about 200 apps that may have misused data

Facebook suspends about 200 apps that may have misused data

Facebook suspends about 200 apps that may have misused data

"First, a comprehensive review to identify every app that had access to this amount of Facebook data". But right after the announcement wherein the social media leviathan suspends 200 apps, Facebook once again finds itself in hot waters. With that password, virtually anyone could have access to a trove of information on around 3 million Facebook users.

Facebook says it investigated thousands of apps in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal; the data firm that harvested information on about 87 million users without their knowledge. If the audit happens, the chances of the number of third-party apps going up is likely. Their conscientiousness, agreeableness and neurotic-ism are forthright for anybody. Hopefully Cambridge University manages to crack down on its approval process, and that social media sites keep mindful about what they allow through their platforms. More than a million of these were in the UK. Supplementary to that cater-cornered information, details such as age, gender and relationship status from 4.3 million people are also divulged by this app.

The people behind the data sets were David Stillwell and Michal Kosinski at the University of Cambridge's The Psychometrics Centre.

Former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix and Wylie, the man the who blew the whistle on the whole data saga, both signed fairly rudimentary documents confirming they had deleted the data. Reports now claim that "myPersonality" lost its goal of being just an academic project and instead dealt with commercial companies too.

I guess if you just leave all that personal data you collected for sale to others openly exposed on the web for years, you have to wonder how valuable it truly is.

Facebook says it's now investigating the app, and if myPersonality refuses to cooperate or fails the audit, the company will ban it. Committee chair Collins stated that one of the areas in which Facebook lacked detail was in questions relating to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Ime Archibong, the Facebook Product Partnerships Vice President, said that we are deeply involved in the investigation.

On Reddit, readers are condemning IBM for sending more than 100 executives to Capitol Hill this week in an effort to prevent USA policy makers from copying GDPR, Europe's new privacy standards, which give citizens the right to access their personal data and learn how it's being used, prevents companies from processing personal data unless users give explicit consent, and requires them to adopt privacy by design principles, among other restrictions.

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