Death of 22-year-old Louisiana man in police custody ruled homicide

Death of 22-year-old Louisiana man in police custody ruled homicide

Death of 22-year-old Louisiana man in police custody ruled homicide

A coroner has ruled the death of 22-year-old Keeven Robinson, a black man, while in the custody of four white police officers, a homicide. Four agents have been placed on desk duty as the investigation continues, reports CBS affiliate WWL-TV of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hester Hilliard joined family members of 22-year-old Keeven Robinson at a news conference Monday in Jefferson Parish.

He said complete results, including toxicology reports, will take weeks.

Gaylor Spiller, president of the West Jefferson Parish NAACP branch, said Robinson's family is seeking an independent autopsy. He added that he had shared the preliminary findings with Robinson's mother prior to his joint news conference with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto.

"There's no doubt they used force".

"I understand that this investigation will be under a microscope", Lopinto said.

Though the family and the West Jefferson NAACP express gratitude to the coroner's office for its transparency, the Robinson family is frustrated, Hilliard said.

Sheriff Lopinto said that Louisiana State Police has been asked to investigate the case.

Lopinto added that the detectives involved in the incident were undercover and would not have worn body cameras. He confirmed they are white.

"They were in a fight with this gentleman effecting an arrest", the sheriff said.

New Orleans news outlets reported that more than 100 people took part in a Monday night march to honor Robinson near the scene of his death, in Metairie. One read "Enough is Enough".

Some marchers were heard singing "Amazing Grace". "I'm just so glad because I knew within my heart it wasn't, he just didn't die because the ozone was high", said Spiller.

Undercover detectives assigned to the case tracked Robinson down at a local gas station and tried to arrest him, Rivarde said, but Robinson jumped in his vehicle and led police on a chase after spotting them. Robinson hopped back into his vehicle when he spotted detectives approaching and sped out of the parking lot, hitting two JPSO cars during the brief, half-block auto chase, authorities said.

Robinson died due to compressional asphyxia from injuries to his neck, Cvitanovich said.

Lopinto said the names of the detectives will not be released at this time.The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office does not use body cameras. "That doesn't mean our officers did anything wrong, or it may mean that they did something wrong". "But if you're fighting for your life and a brick's there, you hit someone with a brick". "Whether that force was excessive, I mean, that's what we're trying to come to a conclusion of", said Lopinto.

Mr Lopinto added that heroin was found on Robinson and a handgun was later found in his auto.

So far, no video has surfaced.

Robinson's grandmother, Sheryl Robinson, said that she wants "the young black men to be able to walk the streets". "They're afraid of the police. It's time to stop, enough is enough".

She praised Lopinto and Cvitanovich for being open about the autopsy results and the investigation.

"Never can have too many sets of eyes to make sure we're doing it properly", he said.

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