New York City nanny to be sentenced in killing of two children

New York City nanny to be sentenced in killing of two children

New York City nanny to be sentenced in killing of two children

A New York City nanny who murdered two young children in her care is set to be sentenced Monday.

Yoselyn Ortega (YOH'-sih-lihn ohr-TAY'-guh) was convicted last month in the deaths of 6-year-old Lucia Krim and 2-year-old Leo Krim and was sentenced.

The mother of two children stabbed to death by their nanny at their New York City home says the nanny tried to destroy her family but failed. Kevin Krim, a digital media executive at CNBC, believed hiring the nanny was necessary, he testified, because he was working 12-hour days.

"I'm very sorry for everything that happened, but I hope that no one goes through what I have gone through", the 55-year-old Ortega said through tears. "She's lying there in the bathtub, her eyes open". Then I see the defendant.

When she arrived she saw the lights were off in the home, which puzzled her.

Ortega stabbed Leo five times and Lucia 30 times, according to testimony from an assistant medical examiner.

Kevin also testified in heartbreaking detail about learning that two of his children were dead and seeing their bodies at the hospital.

Ortega's lawyer argued she was too mentally ill to know what she was doing.

"It's the people of NY who wrapped their arms around us in our darkest moment - they are what make this the greatest city in the world", he said.

Ortega's defense attorney argued that the former nanny suffered from a years long mental illness and had asked the jury to find her not guilty by reason of insanity.

"It was not a decision we reached lightly or easily", one juror, David Curtis, said after the verdict at a news conference attended by himself and some of the other jurors.

"The defendant's son, Jesus Frias, sat in front of a traumatized jury, winking and grinning at the jury members as if it were some kind of reality TV show he wants to win", the mom said. Both parents left the courtroom before the sentence was passed.

"Leo and Lulu will never live the lives that laid ahead of them, and now their remorseless killer will live the rest of her life in prison", Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said. "We'll miss them all our lives".

"This defendant has to this day shown no remorse". She has never shed a tear for these children. Ortega had been recommended by her sister, a nanny for another NY family, and her background and references were faked by her family.

"Although many wish me all the worst, my life is in the hands of God".

But Judge Carro was having none of it, noting that she had steadfastly refused to apologize since her 2012 heinous crime and calling her case "pure evil".

Calling Ortega "an evil and utterly unsafe narcissist and a complete failure", Kevin addressed Judge Gregory Carro.

At Ortega's trial, Kevin Krim testified that when his plane landed in NY that night in October 2012, he was met by police, who escorted him to the hospital where the bodies of his dead children had been brought, along with his wife and surviving child.

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