More explosions in Surabaya after church attacks

More explosions in Surabaya after church attacks

More explosions in Surabaya after church attacks

At least 13 people are dead and more than 40 injured after a series of blasts hit three Christian churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya on Sunday morning, according to Reuters.

Egypt condemned on Monday the terrorist attack in Indonesia that targeted a police station and said it wished a speedy recovery for the injured, the foreign ministry announced.

Four of the bombers from the same family were killed, but an eight-year-old child travelling with them on two motorbikes has survived.

The attack occurred a day after in the same city suicide bombers blew themselves up in three different churches. Karnavian, however, said earlier police comments that the family had spent time in Syria were incorrect.

The sons rode a motorcycle onto the grounds of the Santa Maria Church and detonated their explosives there. Police blamed an Islamic State-inspired network. Police found the father of the family in a house holding a detonator and shot him, police spokesman Barung Mangera said.

Over the past few years, ISIS has enacted a wave of attacks in Indonesia, many of which have taken place in the capital city of Jakarta.

"Three martyrdom attacks killed 11 and wounded at least 41 among church guards and Christians", the group said via the Telegram messaging app, according to the Post. Based on their remains, Karnavian said the mother and daughters were all wearing explosives around their waists. The group also claimed responsibility for a hostage-taking ordeal last week by imprisoned Islamic militants at a detention center near Jakarta in which six officers were killed.

Barton at Deakin University said the Surabaya attacks could be the "opening salvo of a new, more sophisticated campaign", and added that the timing - just before Ramadan, which begins May 15 - "bears the hallmarks of ISIS", which has used the holy month in the past to launch high profile attacks.

The victim's mother said the family was "proud to have a martyr who gave his life to save hundreds of people attending Sunday Mass inside the church building".

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